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= Microsoft: 6 Microsoft Support Options - Microsoft Internet Explorer File Edit View Go Favorites Help [aes a (x) (al a © | Back Fonvard Stop Aefresh Home =} Print Links| | Address Jnttp // | Font Mail more information and details of the latest *Excludes standard connection charges and phone charges. 3 +MSN service available in UK, France, Germany, Japan, US, Australia and Canada. r new subscribers. Registration benefits may differ depending on the country of registration and language version, and are subject to availability and change. low To Use Online Regulation “Miciorolt Intéinet Explorer Bao vou Go avenes See Rae ee : a @ & e » © 2 Back © 4 Stop Aeteth Home Sestch Favontes 5 inks) || Address [rnp //swew necrozott com/ib/asticles/q1 43/0/23 him Knowledge Base How To Use Online Registration Article 1D: Q143029 Creation Date: 24-JAN-1996 Revision Date: 11-OCT-1996 fi microsorr | pRopucts The information in this article applies to. + Microsoft Cinemania for Windows, 1996 and 1997 editions * Microsoft Encarta World Atlas for Windows, 1996 edilion * Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia for Windows, 1996 edition |i, + Microsoft Music Central for Windows, 1996 and 1997 editio + Microsoft Windows 95 operating system Tea AStart| 4 Start| [a] How To Use Online R.. How To Use Online R. What we Help BCS, Service P & Other Files Technical support when you need it. Most of our products include a period of telephone support to help you with any problems you encounter when installing and setting up your Microsoft software. What's more, it’s completely free of charge”. But remember, your telephone support is for a limited time only, and it begins from the day you make your first call. That’s why we've provided some alternative ways you can access relevant information absolutely free* - so make sure you consult them first. You'll find these other support services listed overleaf, along with details of availability and access to Microsoft Technical Support. nswers are on the web. // more information and details of the latest r new subscribers. Choose a product or technology from the list below, then click List Files to see a list of available Help files, Notes, and sample files =] Uri: Try our file locator if you already know the name of the Software Library file. SO ee Thank you for choosing Microsoft® products. If you haven’t already used the on-line elec- tronic registration wizard within the product set up, please take a few moments to register your software by completing and returning the form below. search | (RGpRORT) | snop | weneus | Help Files, Service Packs, & Other Files serace packs, drivers, patches, Application cis. | searcn | gueRORE | snop | wrieus | soft G issues Troubleshooter lists recommended troubleshooting step Paotantia | benefit and least c | This troubleshooter helps you resolve ¢ lion bor Subject: Peace of mind. When you return this Registration Card, you are register- ing a legal copy of your product with Microsoft. Remember, you should always have a legal copy and licence agreement for any software you use. Don’t use illegal or unlicensed software. As well as breaking the law, you may find that it is defective and could damage your PC. If you are working on a network, make sure that you check that all the copies you use are licensed. *Excludes standard connection charges and phone charges. +MSN service available in UK, France, Germany, Japan, US, Australia and Canada. Registration benefits may differ depending on the country of registration and language version, and are subject to availability and change. FOLD HERE MOISTEN HERE ga i MICROSOFT REGISTRATION CARD i Title CI mr CI omrs miss CI] Ms Dor | Does your PC have a CD-ROM drive? (tick one only) Other (ease speet) fest fl Os fs en eo Te Yes [JNo [| Don'tknow First name ee eee Sa | | Is your PC connected to a modem? (tick one only) Surname i ee ee I za L213] fer | 3 LiYes [No Don'tknow itle (¥appicav. | | DOD LIVE (tapescabe LJ Litittittitttt * Fy 16 you have access tothe World Wide Web? (tick one only) Companyname(toppicaviol_| | 1 1 1 | SSeS ee |e) mics im aac Address LN [ee] YS Ts [eh i118 eae foe apa effi, | 5 How many children In your household are 16 years old or under? (If applicable) faye enrea ims es i) | | mics Town | ea | ) EE Pa TS DE Ld | [=] When using your PC at home, what type of activity do you use it for? County LHittitpyititipt tit ti ty te (tick ai that apply) Postcode L ISTE! a a Eee erin q Tel no (incl.STD Code) J ot SESS SBE | |: eae ae as ae h o s Preferred email address |_| ee Pf =| en ren lee aetoure G , , » J Personal finance/household management Oo a Lit le] l [eae | & 2 ; Adult education/reference i) = Where do you use a PC? [_] Work only (complete sections Ey and [C]) | = Children's echool Necgedeeation Q a tick one only) [J Home only (complete sections E¥ and [C]) | Side A (J Home and Work (complete sections Ey, E¥ and [G}) io ee g et eae A Are you an MIS/IT/DP professional? (tick one only) (1 Yes (] No 4 ulligames/entertalnmenuhop bles Electronic communications outside the home B How many personal computers are on your site? (tick one only) Others ( et please specify) (1-9 (10-19 []20 49 [_]50-99 [_] 100-249 [_] 250-499 500-999 1,000-2,499 () 2,500-9,999 [_]10,000+ Don't know y Where did you buy this Microsoft product from? How many employees are there on your site? (tick one only) | [j19 [J1019 [)20-49 [_]50-99 [_] 100-199 200-249 []250-499 =! Name of outlet [_]500-999 [J1,000-2,499 —_[_]2,500-9,999 [_]10,000+ [_] Don'tknow | Town Which statement best describes your responsibility for the purchase and use of County software on your site? (tick one only) | Don't know. LJ Primarily responsible for setting corporate software policy | Microsoft and its marketing partners would like to Keep you informed of future _J Primarily responsible for the technical evaluation and actual software purchase relevant products and offers. If you would prefer not to receive such information Have some influence in the software purchase Part no. 87053 = —£ None of-the-above, but} use a personal computer regularly at work— — - — — | |_| Have major influence in the software purchase | please tick here | | MOISTEN HERE 87 85 3 WHAT TO DO IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS. 1. The Software ‘Help’ facility. An in-built function in each Microsoft® product that holds hints, tips, wizards and solutions to the majority of your questions. To access, simply click on ‘Help’ from the toolbar in your product. Many products now give you access to relevant product and support sites via Web links within their ‘Help’ menus. 2. The User Manual. A comprehensive guide containing examples and routines for you to work through. These will assist you in getting to know your product. 3. Technical support on-line. Microsoft's World Wide Web site is easy to search. It's packed with extensive product support and service information - all available free of charge” Explore it and you'll find Frequently Asked Questions and the Microsoft Knowledge Base, with answers to thousands of technical questions. You can also check out the Microsoft Software Library for drivers, patches and updates. 4. Microsoft Faxback and Bulletin Board Services. Many Microsoft Subsidiaries offer Bulletin Board and Faxback services. To find out if these are available in your country, check the Technical Support information within the ‘About’ section of the ‘Help’ menu. Technical support by phone only. If you still haven't found the answer to your question, you can begin your period of non-chargeable Microsoft Technical Support. Qualifying products include Microsoft Home, Desktop = Applications, Personal Operating Systems (excluding com- ? munications and network related issues) and Development Tools. Products that do not qualify are pre-installed software, Microsoft® BackOffice™ family or software purchased through any of Microsoft's volume purchasing programmes. * ry Your period of technical support begins from the day of your first call. To use this service, or to check your support entitlement, please contact Microsoft Technical Support in your country. The telephone number can be found in the ‘About’ section of the ‘Help’ menu. Please note, policies and entitlements are liable to change without notice. Before you call, please ensure you have the following ready for the Support Technician. 1. Your PC switched on and ready to use. 2. Your unique Product Identification Number. Please write your Product Identification Number in the space below and retain this section of the card for reference, as you will need it to obtain help from our technical support services. You can find the Product Identification Number in two possible places: 1. The 15-20 character number displayed on your screen while you are installing your software. 2. If you have already installed your software, you can find the number by clicking ‘Help’ then choosing ‘About’. Product Identification Number Pre-sales and non-technical support. For pre-sales enquiries, contact your local subsidiary or browse Microsoft's World Wide Web site on where you will find a range of product information, including features and specifications. * Excludes standard connection charges and phone charges www. How to register your new product. Microsoft Where do you want to go today?” Microsoft, MSN, BackOffice and “Where do you want to go today?” are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries, office from the leaflet provided with your product, then return it to All countries: Simply fill in the card, choose your local Microsoft your local Microsoft office.