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TO: Workgroup Managers, MIS Specialists in PC Integration. You face the most fundamental networking requirement – the need to link PCs, workstations, and terminals into the enterprise network.

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Desktop Networks TO: Workgroup Managers MIS Specialists in PC Integration RE: The Workgroup Challenge You face the most fundamental networking require- ment — the need to link PCs, workstations, and terminals into the enterprise network. Across the board, the work your group does is growing larger and more complex. People need to share information within your group and with others in groups across the organization. This has to happen regardless of the devices on their desktops. At Digital, we realize that you need to do more than just share files and printers across one or more local area networks (LANS). It’s quite possible you're about to outgrow your current PC network capabilities. We are committed to providing the PC network that will go as far as you need to take it. We also have the most complete offerings for the desktop, including a family of personal computers, a full range of workstation products, industry-leading terminals and network printers, and all the software to make it work. In addition, we offer solutions for physical wiring with our modular hub products, and a full suite of network interface cards and routers. Others can provide the pieces, but only Digital has the complete solution from desktop systems to physical connections to network operating systems to network management. We can service third-party hardware, software, and networks in addition to Digital products. This package gives you easy access to straight answers about our solutions for desktop networks. As you investigate your options here and elsewhere, you'll see what we mean when we say Digital is the Open Advantage. Networks Marketing Digital Equipment Corporation Your focus is on increasing the productivity and effectiveness of a growing professional staff. You want to consolidate and get the most from your current resources. You want to grow and add capabilities and resources. Your workgroup teams have to communicate and collaborate in ways that are new to them. But some are using PCs, while others have Macintosh systems, technical workstations, and even terminals, and each is using a different application. Some may be on Ethernet and others on Token Ring networks. You need to tie all these together so they can share files, applications, and electronic mail. As the number of users grows, the additional PCs and applications have to be integrated. And you need to access data elsewhere in the organization. PATHWORKS Servers Laser Printer ULTRIX Ethernet = aa = = Sa Token Ring LocalTalk Clients PATHWORKS — Choice, Choice and More ehoicel The PATHWORKS corporate network Operating system is Digital’s answer to open multivendor networks for PCs. PATHWORKS is a family of PC networking products that have been designed for both current and future technologies. Digital has 17 years of networking experience, and with the PATHWORKS network operating system we have extended that experience to the desktop. The PATHWORKS family of open PC networking software offers you a choice of the leading PC network- ing technologies, clients, and servers. It supports scalable servers and networks that can grow with your business needs. And it provides the network infrastruc- ture for client/server computing — including file and print services, electronic mail, access to applications, as well as network management utilities. PATHWORKS Client/Server Computing PATHWORKS is based on client/server computing, which lets you take advantage of the computing power on the desk and use your resources optimally. With PATHWORKS client/server computing, applications, and processes are distributed, often transparently, across the network — even over wide areas. Most importantly, PATHWORKS integrates multiple vendors’ hardware and software, at the desktop and among the servers and networks, too. Client Choices PATHWORKS includes client software for all the popular PC desktops — Microsoft Windows, DOS, OS/2, and Macintosh. In addition, PATHWORKS allows sharing of information and printers with UNIX and VMS workstations as well as with terminals. Server Choices PATHWORKS server software is available for multiple platforms — OS/2, ULTRIX, and VMS — so PC users can access applications, files, data, printers, and other resources on local and remote systems. With PATHWORKS, PC users can access multiple servers concurrently. Network Choices PATHWORKS products operate across all major networks including Ethernet, Token Ring, and LocalTalk. They are, in fact, an excellent means of integrating users on Ethernet and Token Ring. For example, a PC on Token Ring can access a database server on Ethernet. A PC on Ethernet can concurrently access a NetWare server on Token Ring and multiple PATHWORKS servers on Ethernet. This gives you considerable flexibility for your wiring topologies. In addition, PATHWORKS supports all major networking transports for local and wide area networks — TCP/IP, DECnet, IPX/SPX, NetBEUI, AppleTalk, and X.25. Network Operating System (NOS) Choices PATHWORKS actually incorporates different NOS technologies for network services such as file and printer sharing. PATHWORKS includes the file and print services of LAN Manager, NetWare, and AppleShare. Integration with Other LANs PATHWORKS interoperates with other PC LANs. It works with NetWare from Novell, with Microsoft LAN Manager and with AppleShare, so PC users can access resources on PATHWORKS and other vendors’ net- works. PATHWORKS support of NetBEUI lets OS/2 PC users connect to an IBM LAN server as well as to PATHWORKS servers. And choosing PATHWORKS on an ULTRIX server makes it easy for PC users to work with UNIX users, to access UNIX applications, and to share files and printers with NFS users. Ss 7 ee Digital Value-Added Applications PATHWORKS supports Network Application Support (NAS) services such as SQL services, X.400 enterprise messaging, distributed transaction processing, and document conversion. Client/server applications that are built on these support services include such Digital products as DECquery and RdbAccess database prod- ucts, ALLIN-1 MAIL, DECwrite, and PATHWORKS Links document processing applications, and TeamLinks office automation software. This range of client, network, and server choices based on multiple, leading technologies maximizes your resources and preserves your current invest- ment. It allows you to match the technology you choose to the task you have to accomplish and to share information and resources across different platforms. With PATHWORKS and Digital’s network management products you can manage, administer, and control all your resources remotely from a single location. You get better use of the products you have already purchased and more efficient network performance. All of which equates to lower operating costs. PATHWORKS also has clear advantages for the entire enterprise because it allows you to use your installed multivendor systems and to integrate existing data sources into the network. Because PATHWORKS is scalable and flexible, you can focus on filling your immediate needs while allowing room for future growth without concern for obsolescence. B One of the truisms about networks is that they change. You have new users coming on. You’re moving groups from one location to another. You need to set up, modify, and administer your network as quickly and painlessly as possible. o [u) oC | | 0 | 0 [lWerkGroup Family of Networking Products| To physically connect to the network, Digital offers a family of hub products that are modular, flexible, and easy to install and use. Consisting of a hub and several networking modules, the WorkGroup Family of Networking Products protects network investments and provides a clear growth path as your needs expand and your requirements change. The DEChub 90 backplane provides a base of network operations for easy configuration and maintenance of Ethernet networks. This compact hub, ideal for wiring- closets or office environments, provides power, connections, and easy mounting for eight plug-compat- ible modules. Digital's WorkGroup Family modules can be used interchangeably as standalone units and in the DEChub 90. Use the DECrepeater 90C, a six-port 10Base 2-compliant repeater, or the eight-port 10Base T-compliant DECrepeater 90T to connect your PCs and workstations. Both repeaters automatically detect and disconnect faulty connections. The DECbridge 90 network bridge provides high-performance protocol and address filtering to isolate and manage workgroup traffic. For high-speed connections to any network service that supports TCP/IP, choose the DECserver OTL Telnet/LAT terminal server. The DECserver 90L+ terminal server offers multisession LAT-only services and ROM-based software that eliminates the need to downline-load software from a host, And whether you have a PC LAN or an enterprise network, you'll be able to remotely manage the DEChub 90 and more, using your choice of graphical network management stations. With Digital’s WorkGroup Family of Networking Ipraducte you can begin simply with a start-up LAN. As your network grows, you add modules without disrupting your network, thus protecting your investment and making your network more respon- sive to the changing needs of the organization. B [[beskiep Davicertrombiatall Digital’s PCs Digital’s industry-standard PC products fall into four series: portable PCs, desktop PCs, deskside PCs, and = A workstation-class PCs. Individuals in your workgroups need particular types of systems for the work they do. Some need PCs; j The portable series provides the latest high-perfor- mance technology in compact, light packages that can others need workstation power; and still others need 4 travel anywhere yet keep you in touch with your office. terminals (including windowing terminals). All of ¥ The versatile desktop series provides a full range of 386 these users require access to the resources of the and 486 systems — one that’s just right for every need. workgroup and the department. Deskside computers are highly expandable systems, well suited to operating like a PC and PC LAN server combination. And our optimized workstation-class series provides a highly integrated architecture that enables Digital to deliver unsurpassed CPU and graphics performance in a PC package. This is the ultimate network client for client-server computing. Furthermore, Digital offers a full range of networking hardware to link your PCs into your Ethernet or Token Ring network. The EtherWORKS family — network interface cards and routers — provides high-perfor- mance solutions for plugging your PCs into Ethernet networks. And the ProNET family of high-performance Token Ring network interface cards and the family of bridging router products, combined with PATHWORKS, offers a complete integration solution for Ethernet, Token Ring, and FDDI networks. i, Digital Workstations Digital offers a range of workstation solutions for both VMS and UNIX environments. O_O DECserver Family and Digital Terminals Digital’s family of high-performance terminals improves user productivity, enhances system performance, and promotes communications and network performance. Digital offers a full range of terminals from X-terminals Qwith superior graphics capabilities) to imaging terminals, to text and graphics terminals. Likewise, Digital has a full line of network printers and print servers to meet any need. Many of these printers are ideal for various network printing applications — from laser printers, to ink jet, to thermal, or just dot matrix. Digital can be your single source for all the industry- leading desktop products you need — from high- powered workstations, to PCs for every use, to terminals and terminal servers. & No other company can provide the full solution as Digital can — from the PATHWORKS family of PC networking software, to the family of PCs, workstations, and terminals, to the low-cost connections and flexible configurations offered by Digital's WorkGroup Family of Networking Products. The PATHWORKS Corporate Networks PATHWORKS integration and connectivity allow you to maximize the use of expensive and limited resources. With PATHWORKS, your workgroups are more effective 1 million PCs. and productive because they can share applications, data, electronic mail, and physical resources seamlessly across the entire network. As your needs change, your network will have the flexibility to incorporate new applications and the systems of your choice. Operating System is in use on more than In today’s environment a successful workgroup must have a fully integrated network infrastructure that supports its business strategies. Digital offers full worldwide network integration services to help you plan, design, implement, and manage your network no matter who manufactured the pieces. That's because Digital’s strategy is based on an open environ- ment — Open Technology, Open Services, and Open Business Practices. All of these products and services combine to make up Digital’s Open Network Advantage — available to you anytime, any place, for any solution . . . from smaller Desktop Networks . . . to Campus Networks . . . to Enterprisewide Integration. Digital .. . The Open Advantage Digital believes the information in this publication is acc as of its publication date; such information is subject to change without notice. Digital is not responsible for any inadvertent errors. 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