IPA's 29th Convention. The Borderless World

Jerusalem Israel. 16-19 January 1995. Program

OCR (הסבר)
ay itech yi: is iw Whi oo JERUSALEM, ISRAEL, 16-19 JANUARY, 1995 PROGRAM Le Dear Colleague, Itis a great honor for me to welcome you to the 29th Annual Convention of the Information Processing Association of Israel (IPA). A special welcome is extended to our guests from abroad, who have arrived to take part in the major event of the information technology community in Israel. The geo-political developments in the Middle-East and the constant technological advancements instil a new meaning and dimension to the main theme of the convention - The Borderless World. For the first time we join hands in our annual convention with colleagues from Arab countries as well as from South East Asia, Japan, the USA and Europe. Israel's achievements in the Hi-Tech industry in general, and in the field of software and communication in particular, have become a world renowned economic and technological success story. The 29th Annual Convention of IPA will discuss “hot" topics in technology. Experts from Israel and abroad will share with us their expertise and will expose us to future innovations and their effects on our society, economics, education and other aspects of our lives. Israel today can benefit from the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from all over the world. | truly believe that this convention will establish the ground and build the bridge to future cooperation and projects which will make Israel into one of the most important software centers and information technology based industries centers in the world. The comprehensive commercial exhibition and the social gatherings, will complement the rich professional sessions and will undoubtedly combine to provide an enjoyable and stimulating meeting. Yours sincerely, Amiram Shore Chairman - 29th IPA Convention In Cooperation with: MINISTRY ISRAELI vl ) OF INDUSTRY MANAGEMENT & TRADE CENTER 99299 n1N99 *39Y-T)APA t29NA grled Yl bol) tll esytell SAI The Center for Jewish-Arab Economic Development Convention Committee Amiram Shore — Chairman of the IPA Convention M.L.L. Software & Computers Industries Dr. David Mittwoch — President of IPA AT&T-GIS Moshe Gottlieb — Chairman of the Board - IPA Bar Ilan University Dr. Mira Marcus-Kalish — Chairperson, Program Committee The Weizmann Institute of Science Arie Amit — Chairman, Organizing Committee Kesselman Management Services Bat-Sheva Shezaf - Managing Director - IPA Program/Committee Dr. Mira Marcus-Kalish - Chairperson, Program Committee The Weizmann Institute of Science Hanan Achsaf - Motorola Israel Nizam Attallah Nizam Systems Eli Attar — Israel Phoenix Assurance Co Dr. Meir Burstin — Advanced Recognition Technology Dr. Yehoshua J. Gleitman - Ministry of Industry & Trade Shaula Haitner IBM Israel Dr. Abraham Meidan Hashavshevet Prof. Zeev Neumann — Tel-Aviv University Mira Richman — Israel Export Institute Yehuda Zisapel — RAD-BYNET IPA's'Professional Societies Dr. Yoel Adir — Rafael Dr. Issachar Gilad — Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Dr. Shaul Markovitz — Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Dr. Morton F. Taragin — The Weizmann Institute of Science Organization Committee Arie Amit = Chairman, Organizing Committee Kesselman Management Services Nachman Agmon — Shekem Eli Attar — Israel Phoenix Assurance Co. Elizur Bar-Yosef — IBM Israel Shimon Bukshpan — Petach-Tikva Municipality Amos Cohen — Israel Export Institute Lior Kamil - iTECH Danny Katarivas — Ministry of Industry and Trade Itzhaki Koren — Fibronics F Sara Kremer — The Center for Jewish/Arab Economic Development Eid Sader Sader Computers MONDAY, JANUARY 16, 1995 nter, Tel Aviv) (Dan Panorama Convention Ce’ 18.30 GET-TOGHETHER RECEPTION 19.30 OPENING CEREMONY GREETINGS: : Amiram Shore - Chairman, 29th IPA Convention M.L.L. Software & Computers Industries Moshe Gottlieb - Chairman of the Board - IPA, Bar-llan University Dr. David Mittwoch - President of IPA, AT&T-GIS MUSICAL INTERLUDE: GUEST OF HONOR: Mr. Michael Harish - Minister of Industry and Trade PRESENTATION OF AWARDS: — Lifelong Achievement Award — IPA Awards KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: INFORMATION SYSTEMS IN THE 90'S: NEW WORLD ©) DISORDER Paul Gillin, Editor, COMPUTERWORLD, USA SUCCESS THROUGH CREATIVITY Randall Munson, Founder & President of CREATIVE PRODUCTIONS, USA JANUARY 17, 1995 (Jerusalem Convention Center) Dulzin Hall . 09.30 - 11.00 PLENARY SESSION 1 Chairman: Amiram Shore, M.L.L. Software & Computers Industries Global Information Infrastructure; The Next Generation ©) Prof. Lawrence H. Landweber, Computer Science Dept., University of Wisconsi Vice President of Internet Society Ce UER, The Electronic Global Village - Challenges & Opportunities Dr. Abe Peled, Senior VP Business Development, Elron Electronics Industries €) Former IBM Research Division VP Systems & Software ’ 11.00 - 11.30 CHROME GE Cae Bua EmAw (in the exhibition hall and on the 14 t fl s oor) 11.30 - 13.00 PLENARY SESSION 2 GUEST OF HONOR: Mr. Ezer Weizman, President of the State of Israel PANEL: LIBERALIZATION IN COMMUNICATION 1) Moderator: Yoram Alster, Consultant - former Chairman of the Board - BEZEK - Communication Company, former President of IPA. Kei helbed Panelists: Sal Noto, Product Manager, Vice President for Global Messagin i Services, AT&T Easylink, USA san) Shlomo Waxe, General Director, Ministry of Communication J Isaac Kaul, President of BEZEK - The Israeli Communication Company Hanan Achsaf, Managing Director & Country Manager, Motorola Israel 13.00 - 14.00 ERURN ECan ie) fai TE AM Is (entrance level) ——— Duizin Hall Schwartz Hall Hall 500 14.00 - 15.30 T6 - VIRTUAL REALITY T2 - OBJECT ORIENTED T eS ; i 1 - INTERNET (1 Chairman: Neora Shem-Shaul, Editor, Zombit Magazine Chairman: chee! W. Rosler, Product Chairman: Dr. fener Taragin, Buzzwords Only - The Real, The Virtual, The Hype anaper Nels peal Institute of and The Bottomline T) The Future Markets of Software eens? Neora Shem-Shaul, Editor, Zombit Magazine Development Tools (E) Gigabit Testbeds in the USA - : Mitchell E. Kartzman, Founder, Technical Overvit [= The Computer as a Philosophical Laboratory 2 y een (E) Prof. Emanuel Gruengard, IBM Israel & Bar Ilan (7) | Chairman & CEO, Powersoft, Inc., USA Brol Ca eee eel iis : University Object Orientation meets CASE: mputen Science Deparmeny 3 ; E res 3 University of Wisconsin, USA, Virtual Reality - Back to Reality (T) gineering Information Systems Vice President of Internet Society Jacob Silbiger, Managing Director, Using Components _(E) % : Sinergy Integration Dr. Tzvi Vinig, Faculty of Economics, Medical Education on the Intemet (E) Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Prof. Art Huntley, Dermatology, Netherlands University of California & Weizmann ] 2 ok ’ Institute of Science Developing Mission Critical Applications, in Large Volume Hetrogenic Networks and De-Centralized Servers (E) Elie Kanaan, Director of Marketing, Sybase Europe, France lie J 15.30 - 16.00 CROM Gana BRREEMANK (in the exhibition hall and on the 1st floor) 16.00 - 17.30 T8 - PANEL: THE SOFTWARE MARKET IN THE T7 - INTERNET (2) : YEAR 2000 (T) Chairman: Dr. Morton Taragin, Moderator: Dr. Sheizaf Rafaeli, The Hebrew Weizmann Institute of University of Jerusalem Science Panelists: Information Global iNet (7) ilai, israe Abraham Meidan, President, Hashavshevet Dr. Zoey pata eaecan Amiram Shi i | Israeli Information Services in tne ) ea ore, President, M.L.L. Software & Computers Internet-A Survey Mm : . Dov Viner, MOFET Institute & Eli Gonen, COO, Magic Software Enterprises MAHAR 98 The Use of Intemational Communications in the Commercial Activities ofa Compan. ; Dr. Beth Erez, Director of Strategic Planning, ElroNet, Elron Electronic Industries Ltd. Elizur Bar-Yosef, International Procurement Office Manager, IBM Israel Arie Scope, General manager, Microsoft Israel (E)=English (H)=Hebrew _(T) = Simultaneous translation into English Eshkol Hall 1 COMMERCIAL SESSION Each presentation is scheduled for 45 minutes 10.00 The Next Generation Hub Team Computers 11.00 Cisco IBM Networking Solutions Nunzio Santoro, Netcom COMMERCIAL SESSION Each presentation is scheduled for 45 minutes 12.00 | RMON - The Missing Link in Network Management Avi Carmon, Bynet 13.00 A.T.M. - The Technology of the Future Irfan Ali, Tadiran i_ Hall 210 T5 - THE ISRAEL MANAGEMENT CENTER MANAGENENT IN THE DYNAMIC INFORMATION ERA Managing in the information Era __(H) Prof. Israel Borovich, President & CEO, Arkia Israeli Airlines A Glance to the Future Information Technologies Dr. Dov Biran ee Eshkol Hall 2 T4 - APPLICATIONS IN MAN MACHINE SYSTEM Chairman: Dr. Issachar Gilad, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Human Factors in Evaluation of Man Machine Systems Dr. Michael Brikner, Vice President, PAMAM Human Engineering, Former Senior Research Scientist at NASA & Head of Human Engineering Division, Israeli Air Force Virtual Reality Applications in Development of Work Stations (T) Samuel Konforti, Israeli Defence Force Production Time as a Work Load Measure ie Dr. Dan Zakay, Tel Aviv University Eshkol Hall 3 T3 - SURVIVAL GUIDE TO SOFTWARE TESTING Chairman: Moti Krispil, TesCom Global Survey of New Trends and Challenges Facing Software Testing (H) Moti Krispil, Head of R&D, TesCom User Acceptance Testing - Theory & Practice (based on Industry Experience) Geoff Quentin, Chairman of the British Computer Society, Special Interest Group in Software Testing, UK Eshkol Hall 1 COMMERCIAL SESSION Each presentation is scheduled for 45 minutes || CENTER PANEL; MANAGING IN A WIRED COMPANY (H Moderator: Dr. Gadi Ariav, Tel Aviv University Panelists: Prof. Alexander Aviram, General Manager, Assuta Hospital Dr. Michael Hanani, Head of Information Systems & Computing Division, Bromine Compounds Itzhak Malach, Assistant General Manager, Bank Leumi Le-Israel B.M. Amos Anatot, Manager, Industrial & Information Technologies Division, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries T11- THE ISRAEL MANAGEMENT T10- ERGONOMICS IN PRODUCT DESIGN J Chairman: Samuel Konforti, IDF Ergonomics Variants in Key Boards Design (T) Dr. Issachar Gilad, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Communication by Pictograms (T) Eddy Lehavi, Lehavi Designs Computer Simulations in Motor Learning : Dr. Roni Lidor, The Zinman College of Physical Education at the Wingate Institute Simulation System for Operator's Ability and Fitness Evaluation (T) Jossi Shub, Manager R&D, El Al T9 - RIGHTSIZING Chairman: Rafi Epstein, Imagenet Rightsizing (H) Tal Drori, Manager, Program Department, M.L.L. Haifa Downsizing the MF in a Safe Way (H) Yoram Har-Lev, The Israeli Electric Corporation Moving from Central to Client-Server Operating Environment - A Field Report (H) Azi Cohen, General Manager, SCP Systems Building Open Client-Server Systems (A) Arie Levy, Software Consultant, Digital Israel 14.00 SDN Services David Ben Noon, Bezeq 15.00 Products & Applications in the ISDN World Zvi Shanny, Bitcom COMMERCIAL SESSION 16.00 Compass Air - Global Information without Geographical Limitation Aaron Alboher, G.B.1. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18, 1995 (Jerusalem Convention Center) Dulzin Hall W1 - HIGH SPEED COMPUTER NETWORKS W9 - DATA BASES Hall/500 09.30 - 11.00 Chairman: Yehuda Zisapel, President of Rad-Bynet Group | Chairman: Prof. Israel Spiegler, 7 fu) Tel-Aviv University Information Super-Highway: Introduction C oh ; Yehuda Zisapel, President of Rad Bynet Group is so : Pai pee Mode! irtual Hypertext Node in LANs Interoperability Over ATM Networks (E) | Handling Very Large Data Bases _(T) David Drury, Fore Systems, U.K. nue Drori, Shaam Information Towards Optical Fiber Systems at 100 ySieTis Gigabit/second ; . (E) | An Intelligent System for Routin ys ig Prof. Gadi Eisenstein, Technion, Israel Institute of User Requests in a Network of Technology Autonomous Data-Bases (T) Ran Giladi, Ben Gurion University of the Negev A Natural Language Interface in Hebrew for Relational Databases (T) Eliezer Gur, Bar Ilan University 11.00 - 11.30 CRORES EMEME BusRine: Ay Kk (in the exhibition hall and on the 1st floor) 11.30 - 13.00 W6 - INTERNET W7- MULTIMEDIA W11 - INFORMATION TECH- Chairman: Dr. Sheizaf Rafaeli, School of Business Chairman: Victor Shenkar, Managing NOLOGIES IN THE MIDDLE-EAST Administration, The Hebrew University, Director, Tiltan/IBM Chairman: Moshe Ortasse, Chairman, ] Jerusalem & Macom Multimedia and UNIX (T Electronics & Software Division, Israel 4 Manufacturers’ Association Advertizing on Internet Trends and Fut Dr. Ariel J. Frank, Dept. of ; ications peal a 9 ne 4 Ms uture (T) Mathematics & Computer Science, Overview of Telecommunications in UO Bar Ilan University Egypt & Potentials for Regional E The Internet Wild West - The Challenges of Dealing Business Opportunities in Re President, ADCOM| with New Types of Crime (1) | Multimedia Advanced Projects & Systems Co.Egypt Dr. Raphael Yahalom, School of Business Kai LBL. - International 3 ; : Administration, Hebrew University, Jerusalem NogalKalnany ST amiemnatcns Information Technology in Jordan _(E) ; Business Leads Dr. Laith al Qassem, CEO, Jordan Work and Play of the Internet (T) | Photo Realistic Real-Time Terrain iRecnnology,Cloup Dr. Sheizaf Rafaeli, School of Business Administration, Rendering Electronics and Software Needs and The Hebrew University, Jerusalem & Macom Victor Shenkar, Managing Director, Development in the Palestinian Tiltan/IBM Autonomous Areas New Business Applications in the Internet Samir Abdel Hadi, President, Prof, Ehud Shapiro, Weizmann Institute of Science SAMCO Telecom & Computers, Nablus encaks Educational Software in Arabic _(E) Eid Sader, Sader Computers ee EEE 13.00 - 14.00 LUNCH BRRGiEsAwIK (entrance level) 14.00 - 15.30 PLENARY SESSION 3. (Dultzin Hall) PANEL: DESIGN CENTERS IN ISRAEL: GOOD? FOR WHOM? Moderator: Prof. Dani Dolev, Chairman of the National Committee for Information Technology & Infrastructure, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem Panelists: Hanan Achsaf. Managing Director & Count Mi Pah I anager, Motorola Israel Dr. Yehoshua Gleitman, Chief Scientist, Mibistry ai Industry & Trade Dr, Josef Raviv, Director, Science & Technology, Haifa Research Laboratory, IBM, Israel Yehuda Zisapel, President of RAD-BYNET ”)” Prof. Shlomo Maital, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology 15.30 - 16.00 COFFEE 16.00 - 17.30 BRR EMAMK CLOSING SESSION (Dultzin Hall) Chairman: Dr. David Mittwoch, AT&T - GIS Driving Without Headlights: The Promise and Peri (in the exhibition hall j 5 : E Paul Gillin, Editor, Computerworld, USA lS of the Information Superhighway Serious Business of Humor (E) Randall Munson, Founder & President of ‘Creative Productions" Guest Lecture: Peace Aspects in the Middle East - in a Borderless World (T) Mr. Shimon Peres, Minister of Foreign affairs a nd on the ist floor) Hall 210 Eshkol Hall 2 | W4 - DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT & RE-ENGINEERING Chairman: Lior Kamil, President, TECH The Document Management Market Place - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (E) James Breuer, Sr. Vice President Marketing, AIIM, U.S.A. Implementing Imaging and Re- Engineering Solutions: Benefits Versus Pitfalls (H) Lior Kamil, President, iTECH The Implications of the Workflow Approach on the Organization (H) Izhak Heldi, Seker Implementing Project "Reem-2° in the Israeli Electric Corp. Using a Re- Engineering Approach (H) Ilan Strulovitz, Logistical Systems Department Manager, The Israel Electric Corporation ECONOMICAL JUSTIFICATION Chairman: Eli Attar, Israel Phoenix Assurance Co. An Artificial Alfactory System (E) Dr. Labib M. Arafeh, Hebron Institute of Technology Analyzing the Implementation Processes of Information Systems Master Plans H Tamir Bechor, Faculty of Management, Tel Aviv University Human Resource Planning - Quantitative Thinking (H) Lt. Col. Dr. Nachshon Margaliot, IDF - Logistics Branch - Human Resource Planning Measuring the Economic Benefits of a Computerized Information System - (A Milking Parlour Model) (H) Ehud Gelb, Extension Service, Ministry of Agriculture, Israel Chairman: Dr. Shaul Markowitz, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology Industrial Applications of Machine Learning Prof. Yves Kodratoff, Director of Research, French Centre National de la Recherch Scientifique, University of Paris-Sud, France High Performance Artifical Intelligence James Hendler, University of Maryland, USA (E) Eshkol Hall 3 Eshkol Hall 1 W3 - INFORMATION SYSTEM - W5 - ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - COMMERCIAL SESSION APPLICATION, EFFECIENCY AND ANNUAL CONFERENCE Each presentation is scheduled for 45 minutes 10.00 Oracle Media Server Uzi Achtentoch, John Bryce 11.00 Real-Time Cabling Management David Akerman, Bynet W8 - EDI TO ACHIEVE BUSINESS PROCESS RE-ENGINEERING GOALS Chairman: Meir Shor, M.L.L Information & Technology Electronic Information as an Infrastructure for International Business Meir Shor, M.L.L. Informationa & Technology EDI to achieve Business Process Improvement in Israel Aircraft Industry (HR) Rachel Zucker, General Manager, MAMAN - Israel Aircraft Industry The New Customs System in Israel (H) Benny Cohen, Directorate of Customs &V.AT. = W2 - UNIX AND OPEN SYSTEMS Chairman: Dr. Joel Adir, Support Manager for Computer Services, RAFAEL Considerations for Moving to Open Systems Zvi Parush, Manager, Data Systems, Tadiran Current Technology tor Large Unix Zvi Brunner, Vice-President Technology, Team Computers Netware-4 and UNIX Connectivity (H) Chaim Inger, Manager of Technical Support, Mashov cs Centers (H) W10 - ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - ANNUAL CONFERENCE (Cont'd) Chairman: Dr. Shaul Markowitz, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology Consenting Agents: Negotiation Mechanisms for Multi-Agent Systems (E) Jeffery Rosenchein, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem A Complete & Accurate Hebrew Index Based on generated Phonemic Text Uzzi Ornan, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology COMMERCIAL SESSION Each presentation is scheduled for 45 minutes 12.00 TCP/IP Applications for f Windows Dany Geizler, Net Manage 13.00 Unlimited Commerce Eli Israeli, Elronet COMMERCIAL SESSION Each presentation is scheduled for 45 minutes 14.00 The Israeli Information Highway Opher Rigby, TVTEL CHIPCOM Jonatan Mala'chi, Netcom 15,00 __(E)=English _(H) =! Hebrew _ (7) = Simulta COMMERCIAL SESSION 16.00 A.T.M. The Technology of the Future Irfan Ali, Tadiran neous translation into English UARY 19, 1995 THURSDAY, JAN ‘CH INDUSTRIES SIONAL VISITS TO R&D AND HIGH TE ies (OPTIONAL) Professional visit to Migdal Ha Emek - the Silicon Valley of Israel; ial Park (including lunch); : Pa Areas Ee Center for design and development of hi-tech products. For detailed information please apply to the Registration Desk. COMMERCIAL SESSION : Each presentation is scheduled for 45 minutes 10.00 Linkworks - Computerized Office Yakir Lavie, Digital, Israel 11.00 "English Discoveries" A Case Study of the Development of a Large Scale Multimedia Product Joshua Idar, Phd., Edusoft 12.00 HSS-ATM ; Jean Claud Senechal, Tadiran 15.00 A.T.M. - The Technology of the Future Irfan Ali, Tadiran GENERAL INFORMATION CONVENTION VENUES Monday, January 16, 1995 - Dan Panorama Hotel & Convention Center, Tel Aviv Tuesday - Thursday, January 17 - 19, 1995 Jerusalem International Convention Center INFORMATION PROCESSING ASSOCIATION (IPA) P.O. Box 53113 61530 Tel Aviv, Israel Tel: 972-3-6473023 Fax: 972-3-6473683 CONVENTION SECRETARIAT/ORGANIZERS INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL & CONGRESSES LTD. P.O. 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